Are You Ready to Revitalize You?

If you are ready to:

  • ditch overwhelm and manage stress in your life
  • more effectively manage and react calmly to difficult situations
  • revitalize your relationships with others

then join Tric Gibson for the engaging, entertaining and compelling Revitalize You workshops.

The Revitalize You workshops are for you if you are feeling:

  • stressed or overwhelmed by situations at home or work
  • you don’t have enough hours in the day to achieve everything you would like to achieve
  • unmotivated or uncertain about the direction of your life

Revitalize You is all about helping you feel happier, more confident and motivated to achieve the things that are most important to you. At each workshop, you’ll gain some critical how-tos for gaining and keeping your vitality and you’ll leave with practical tools youll be able to use immediately.

Your workshop presenter Tric Gibson is known for her energetic and passionate delivery and she will engage you with stories that bring the science and heart of the workshop topics to life.

Upcoming Workshops

REVITALIZE YOU FOR 2017 – How to Achieve What’s Most Important To You in 2017 Without Feeling Overwhelmed 

In this 90-minute workshop you will:

  • Discover how to connect within so you can focus on what you really want and how to achieve it in 2017
  • Create a plan to achieve what’s most important to you in 2017
  • Understand how to re-engage your powerhouse brain so you can take positive steps forward throughout the year
  • Unlock the secret to reversing the brain/body/mind stress cycle so you can create immediate calm in times of stress

If you’d like a chance to learn and laugh with like-minded women join us for Ditch Overwhelm on Tuesday 28 February from 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start. This 90-minute workshop is only $27.00

Seats are strictly limited. Please click the link below to save your spot.

Your participation will include:

  • workshop materials
  • nibbles and a glass of wine, mineral water, tea or coffee upon arrival
  • an opportunity to mingle and network after the workshop

The workshop will be held at 5/18 Kilroe St, Milton (at the bottom of Douglas St). Complimentary onsite and street parking is available.

Other Available Workshops

Triggers are for Cowboys – Think better & learn How to Respond Calmly in Any Stressful Situations?

In this 90-minute workshop you will:

  • Explore and understand why negative triggers can be so harmful (for you and others)
  • Discover what triggers you so you can respond rather than automatically react to stressful situations
  • Use the ‘Revitalize You’ tools for refreshing the way you think and feel
  • Gain insights into the impact of your thoughts on your actions so you can have more control over your responses
  • Gain access to a powerful exercise to boost your energy that will work anywhere, anytime
  • Increase your motivation for success

Workshop Three: How to ‘Do’ more effectively – Keys to re-energizing your relationship with yourself and others

In this 90-minute workshop you will:

  • Discover the negative impact of our old stories on our lives so you can release the negative grip of your history
  • Explore the concept of boundaries and learn how to say no without feeling guilty
  • Delve into the importance of perspective in your and your loved one’s lives you can make better decisions
  • Connect with your authentic identity so you can express and experience more of who you really are
  • Identify blame, shame and guilt so you can choose if these emotions are necessary
  • Understand the importance of compassion and forgiveness
  • Re-boot your vital joy so you can live with energy, direction and greater satisfaction

Revitalize Your Love Talk – How to avoid relationship breakdown, navigate many of life’s challenges and grow the relationship you want.

This in-depth 1.5-hour workshop is a must-do workshop if you want to revitalize your love relationships.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore what love really means to you so you can get clear about what this means in your relationships
  • Understand how the importance of your own vitality relates to your capacity to give and receive the love you want
  • Identify your key values and how values issues impact on love relationships
  • Unlock the key to grow perspective and compassion for your loved one so you can have more meaningful and deep relationships


Our fun, engaging workshops are held after hours in a relaxed workshop space in Milton Brisbane.

Participation includes:

  • workshop materials
  • tea/coffee upon arrival
  • a chance to learn and laugh with like-minded women
  • an opportunity to mingle with a glass of wine/light beverage, after the workshop

Tric is also available to hold any of her workshops in your office or community location.

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