Tric is an excellent trainer and presenter and I am so happy to have been in her group when she delivered the accredited counselling qualification. I am an experienced Naturopath with my own business, and Tric’s training sharpened and expanded my business leadership, communication and counselling skills. My business and my clients have benefited greatly.
I highly recommend Tric for organizational training, key note presentations and counselling.

Annie O’Moon-Browning

Director, My Health Sanctuary

We engaged Patricia Gibson to develop and conduct a staff wellbeing program (over a ten month period) to address issueslife balance, motivation and communicationthe program delivered by Tric provides communication strategies which can be utilized within and outside the workplaceand are very useful in building better relationships and developing positive approaches to achieving desired targets.

Tric has the ability to read the audience group and adapt her delivery style accordingly to ensure that the message is understoodalong with practical examples. The staff feedback has been very positive and each seminar is approached with enthusiasm I believe that utilizing Trics experience and skills would have a value adding effect for any organization.

Lesley Jones

Administration Manager, Toyota Tsusho South Pacific Holdings Pty Ltd

Dear Tric, thanks for all your support and encouragement and inspiring me to be the best I can be Carmel Drew, Administration Manager.

Tric has the ability to understand an issue and work with you to identify the source of the problem and provide a pathway to a self- driven solution through personal development. If you are willing, Tric can help you turn around negative thoughts to achieve a positive outcome and provide you with a feeling of well being. With Tric’s coaching I have learned many valuable communication and presentation skills which have been of benefit in my personal as well as my professional life.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tric’s services to friends or business colleagues.

Terence Byrne

(now retired & previous) Manager , Property & Construction Finance, Queensland

Tric has helped me to feel well and worthy again. It took a bit of time and she had more faith in me than I did in myself at first. When I look back, it was the trust I had in the process and in Tric that got me over the initial hump of feeling a bit hopeless. I ve been an educator all my professional life- always encouraging others, but never giving myself the time. I would highly recommend Trics sessions and the tools she showed me have been tremendously useful in many areas of my life. Thank you so much.?

Pauline McClough


I have had the pleasure of using Trics services over the last year and a half. She has been a great business coach to me personally, allowing me a sounding board in the challenges of owning a rapidly growing business. Even more so she has provided ongoing professional development to my team. Part of this was creating and delivering bespoke programs to grow and nurture skills in leadership, communication and teamwork. I believe this has played a fundamental part in establishing my core team and allows each of them the opportunity to fulfill their potential within the business. Her style is positive, engaging and proactive and her experience and knowledge would be invaluable to any organisation.

Alera Kingham

CEO, White Lily Couture, Brisbane

Tric thanks for all your support and encouragement and inspiring me to be the best I can be!

Carmel Drew

Administration Manager

I am forever grateful to Tric for the guidance she has provided and the skills she has taught me, which have allowed me to have a more enriched and balanced life .

Sam Larter