5 simple tips to help you stick to your new years’ resolutions

 Have you ever decided “this is it – this year I’m going to …….” and then the list reels out: lose weight, get more fit, get that promotion, make more money or finally clean out the garage/laundry/bedroom/office that’s been waiting for me.

The great thing about the beginning of a new year is that it stimulates us to think about what we want – so we make a whole lot of new years’ resolutions.

The downside can be that it new year’s resolutions often involve a lot of DOING and we can be left feeling overwhelmed by a list. This can cause our head to say: “ do it all” and our heart to say: “it’s all too much”. So many of my clients tell me they feel this so way so they feel unmotivated even before they get started.

So… how can we avoid that feeling of new years resolution overwhelm?


What does that mean?

Well, sticking to your new year’s resolutions is actually about a lot more than the “act of doing something”. You are clever, you are aware and you can organize things in your life. You have all the skills you need, so it makes no sense that you can’t achieve what your head tells you it wants.

So there must be a disconnect or block somewhere…and in my professional experience I know the block, at a psychological level, is often because:

There is a disconnect between the feeling of revitalization and value you’ll feel you’ll get from achieving the resolution VS the thought you have about the level of time, cost, energy and even sacrifice you might have to make to achieve the resolution.

 At one level you really do want to achieve your list, and at another level you don’t want to add more to your already overwhelmed life, and you don’t want to start something that you fear you will fail at. So… the sub-conscious thinks it’s better not to even start. Voila … internal conflict that usually causes confusion – even to yourself!

This is a “protection mechanism”. So called, protecting you against feeling worse for starting something and then ‘failing’ or not finishing.

The problem with this sort of protection is that you feel depleted, overwhelmed and lacking energy before you’ve even started.


Here are 5 simple steps, to help you revitalize your approach to your new year’s resolutions:

1. Get calm

When the feeling of “ it’s all too much” comes up – breathe deeply – even if it’s just 5 breaths to start with. Click here to download for free the details of a simple, easy technique that works instantly.

2.      Observe your thoughts

Imagine you are a loving friend observing your mind and identify the anxious thought e.g. This is my last chance for the promotion, I can’t feel good about myself unless I lose this weight etc.

3.      Listen to your wise you

Let the wise part of you ask yourself: does this thought of overwhelm help me or does it make me more scared and anxious?

4.      Recognise YOU matter and you can achieve your resolutions … if you really want them

 Be that wise you and ask yourself “if someone I loved (my child/partner/best friend) felt overwhelmed by new years’ resolutions would I agree that they are hopeless, or would I encourage them to know their deeper worth? Would I encourage them to learn some strategies to have thoughts and feelings that will lead to taking positive action steps”?

I know you’re a good and supportive person to others, so of course, you would. The fact is YOU MATTER – so, why not feel your worth right now? Why not give yourself the space to take some positive action for you?

If you make revitalizing your body and emotions your very first priority… then you’ll have more clarity and energy to take action on the things that matter.

5.      Review your Resolutions list and only take action on what matters most to you – prioritize!

Take a look at your list again with fresh eyes. What’s most important and is going to help you feel truly and authentically revitalized by the end of 2017? Take your first resolution and write down three action steps you can take this week to start achieving this resolution. (TIP: The actions don’t have to be big, a series of very small steps will get you there too!). 

If you are not clear on:

  • what matters most
  • what actions to take to help you achieve what’s most important to you
  • how to get the mindset to stick with a plan
  • how to change old habits and develop better ones

then book a strategy session with me by emailing tric@tricgibson.com. I’m offering a 90-minute strategy session (via phone or in person) for the price of a 60-minute session. Many of my clients have had success with these focused sessions because they come out with a clear path to move forward. 

If you would like to learn more strategies to Revitalize You for 2017 and make this year your most fulfilling yet then register for my workshop REVITALIZE YOU 2017 on Tuesday 31 January. It is only $27 and you’ll get access to great tools and motivation strategies that will help you achieve what’s most important. To register, book here.

Wishing you much love & energy for 2017

Tric x



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