Hi! my name is Tric and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, my website and the home base for the Revitalize You program and community.

From my more than 30 years practice as a relationship psychologist, I’ve met hundreds of women overwhelmed and exhausted by constant deadlines and demands from work, home and family. With very little time to rest, life is 24/7 on the go. While they may get a lot of pleasure from their careers, families and responsibilities they are slowly wearing down and not enjoying life the way they used to.

I’ve experienced this too and that’s why I’ve created Revitalize You to help busy, capable women beat overwhelm, feel revitalized, better about their relationships and careers and avoid and manage the burnout I’ve seen so many women suffer.

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As part of our community, I’ll be sharing useful tips and hints via this blog to help you revitalize you and live a happy and fulfilling life. From time to time, I’ll also let you know about initiatives that we are running to help women claim the life they were born to lead.

In the meantime, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by life and would love some simple tips to get calm and boost your energy then download my free 5-minute guide: Ditch Overwhelm – 2 Simple Steps to Create Calm, Boost Your Energy, Anywhere, Anytime.

The technique I teach in Ditch Overwhelm has helped hundreds of women and men that I have worked with.

Ditch Overwhelm is also the first step in my Revitalize You program, which helps women, feel happier, more energized and more balanced.

As you download Ditch Overwhelm I wish you luck in using it to create some more calm and energy in your life right now.


Want to reduce overwhelm and start feeling more energy now?

Download our free 5 minute guide: Ditch Overwhelm – 2 Simple Steps to Get Calm and Boost Your Energy, Anywhere, Anytime